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Thanks to an unprecedented array of free deals on the market, smart gamers are taking the opportunity to take a shot at winning online jackpots without spending a penny.

There are now more opportunities than ever to play bingo, poker or make sports bets with no deposit offers, according to Jane Jones of the online betting offers website

Big names like Ladbrokes, Bet365, Betfred, 888 and Coral are offering completely signup bonuses of £10, £20 and even as much as £88 for new customers. You can get these without depositing any money which gives you a chance to place a sports bet or play online poker, bingo or casino games with zero risk.” Jane said when speaking to Make The Connection this week.

Of course there’s no guarantee that you’ll win using the free offers, but there is a complete guarantee that you can’t lose. So you have the chance to either win big or break even.

It makes perfect sense, so we decided to give it a try by joining Ladbrokes poker and 888casino. Sure enough, in both cases, upon opening a new account we had the money from the signup offer paid into our account balance straight away and we were free to play poker or casino games with money that was not our own.

Unfortunately we didn’t win our sit and go tournament, and didn’t manage to land a slot jackpot either – but it’s perfectly possible that we could have done. It cost us nothing, and we have to admit that we had fun trying.

We’re certainly not condoning trying to win money by gambling. Although it can be done, it requires an immense amount of research and discipline which most of us will never achieve. However if you stick to using these betting offers and don;t use your own money, you have a win-win situation. Now that’s using your brain!


Where is Your Poker Face?

English: Doug Lee at the 2006 World Series of ...

English: Doug Lee at the 2006 World Series of Poker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Poker Face: is there such a thing? The answer would be yes, the concept of poker face does exist and it is really a blank expression of the face showing no emotion at all.

When playing poker, no matter if it’s the pros or just you and some friends on a boy’s night out, players look for each and every clue that they can get to read what is in your hand.

Unintentionally, especially with new players, one can know when they are bluffing from when they have pocket Aces.

So how can you use the power of your brain to improve your poker game?

Control Your Emotions

Showing signs of emotions at the poker table is usually really no go. In being a poker player you must establish a poker face that you will execute when playing. Some players are jovial right through the game and others don’t show a hint of a smile.

They key is to always stick to the script, as one alteration of emotion on your face when it matters most can cost you a whole lot of money.

How often have you been at a poker table and you see a player’s face move from happiness to sadness, the player moves from shaking to a sense of calm. It’s the curse of being a newbie to the game but you are not alone as many players have been in the same position.

Here are a few tips as to how to develop a poker face to ensure you maximize on the hands you have and ensure you get the winnings you deserve.

Learn To Relax

Firstly the key is to try and relax and get comfortable. The best way to do this is to forget about how much money you are playing for and just remember it’s simply a game. This will help you to remain objective and not have a clouded judgment or be nervous all the time, thinking every decision could cost you so much. It still comes down to a game being played so relax and be in a mind frame that you are here to have some fun. Clear your mind and let the chips fall where they may.

It is easy to tell how a player is feeling by the sound of their voice. Always try to talk in one tone, not too high and not too low, one tone straight throughout. What tend to help players master this art is to have in their head that another player is across the room trying to outsmart you and the question is, are you going to give in? Show that you are ready for the challenge and let your eyes do both the walking and talking in the room. Never close your eyes or open them too wide.

In remaining emotionless you must have a demeanor that says you have done this a thousand times before. If you realize you have won, lay tour cards down gracefully, if you realize that you have lost, lay your cards down gracefully as nothing changes. You must always be aware that you will not always win poker tournaments and hence accept a lost in a tournament with pride and your head held high.

Developing a poker face is not easy, it takes practice but once perfected will work wonders.


How Can Sports Train The Brain?

An interesting video here for those of you who are interested in sports. The following quote from the video description should be enough to whet your appetite:

For the first time, researchers in Bonn have observed “runners high”, a euphoric state that develops during a marathon run,for example. The scientists assume that sports affect the brain in many different ways. For example, sports can be used to train the brain, just like exercise trains the body.

A great excuse to play more football, tennis, cricket or whatever it is you enjoy doing on a Saturday afternoon…


How’s Your Brain Chemistry?

Brains can be trained, but there is also a chemical element involved. Your brain can exhibit certain characteristics which might make it more or less consusive to certain traits, including betting and gambling. In this video Dr. Timothy Fong, Head of Center for Gambling Studies at UCLA, discusses the brain chemistry associated with gambling.


Card Counting: How An Agile Brain Can Make You Money!

The Hangover

The Hangover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether it’s 21, Rain Man or The Hangover, Hollywood has already explained to us that if you have the right type of brain, you can learn to count cards. And if you can do that, you stand to potentially make a hell of a lot of money.

There are pitfalls of course, including the simple and obvious fact that casinos don’t like you to win their money. However, just like anything else in life, pitfalls can normally be avoided with care.

In this video, Henry Tamburin explains how card counting works, whether it’s legal and whether the casino knows you’re doing it.


Warm Up For Golf

Golf Green Island

Golf Green Island (Photo credit: jurvetson)

If you wish to continue playing golf without injury it is important to realise the benefits of warming up before you start to play. Surveys have shown that many players never bother to warm up for golf; those who did only admit to warming up only tried a few stretches or swings and in fact it was discovered that less than 1% carried out the important pre game aerobic exercises.

Many players feel that warm up is not important; but if you want to prevent injury then it is vital. Golf can be played by people of all ages and there is a tendency for popularity amongst older or even retired people. Many of these people are not in the best physical condition and this is a contributing fact to the risk of injury. Many surveys show that the older players are the ones that are less likely to warm up.

Emergency hospital departments and clinics often treat golfers for sprains and injuries relating to overuse of muscles; falls and other traumatic injuries and impact with a golf ball. Many injuries are due to the fact that amateur players have bodies that are not well conditioned and there is therefore, great stress is placed on their musculo-skeletal frame when they swing their golf club.

A simple warm up, using aerobic exercises, would greatly improve fitness and lessen the probability of injury and also improve their game. Research has shown that if golfers are aware that warming up will reduce the risk of injury, they are more likely to perform these exercises.

Although athletes have accepted that warm up benefits their game and reduces the risk of injury, it was never actually proved until 2004, when a study was carried out to consider the effect a specific warm up programme had on game technique for amateur golfers. This is what they discovered.

  • Club head speed was improved by 3-6 metres per second;
  • This was equal to a decrease in handicap of about four shots;
  • The control group who did not carry out the exercises showed none of these improvements.

The researches concluded that although players needed to practice regularly to improve their game, specified warm up exercises were of great value. Warming up immediately before a game can significantly improve performance.


Do We Need Supplements?

Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements (Photo credit: Andrei Z)

Many people take supplements as a way to enhance a limited or poor diet, or with a view to staying healthy and being able to fight off disease. However with the variety of nutrient rich foods available to us at a fraction of the cost, do we need supplements, or would it be better to make some of these foods part of our diet rather than spend extra money needlessly? Let us look at some of these so called super foods so that we can ask ourselves if we really need supplements.

Quinoa is actually a seed and is cheaply available from most supermarkets. You cook it and use it in the same way as you would use rice, or alternatively it is great for thickening soups or stews. It is full of all the important amino acids that your body is unable to make for itself and is often regarded as a complete protein for vegetarians or vegans. Another plus about this super food is that it is low in fat, a great source of the B vitamin and contains fibre that lowers cholesterol.

Quinoa is also packet with iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium; minerals which work to build strong bones, reduce high blood pressure and help to reduce headaches. Best of all it tastes really good; it is easy to cook and you could almost buy enough to last you a year with the money you would spend on the essential ingredients in supplement form.

Rapeseed oil without the addition of any chemicals contains omega 3, 6 and 9 the important fatty acids which lower cholesterol and fight heart disease and premature ageing. Omega 3 will boost the immune system and help to improve, hair, skin, joints and bones. Use this to cook with or as a salad dressing and you could not only forget the supplements, but also the expensive anti ageing creams.

Crab is very low in calories but very high in protein; it is full of flavour, very filling and good for the heart. This is because it is high in omega 3 which lowers the risk of heart problems by reducing blood pressure. They are also thought to reduce the risk of cancer.

Radishes are a small vegetable with a strong flavour. This is due to glucosinolates, a nutrient that is also found in cabbage and broccoli. These clever nutrients enhance detoxifying enzymes in the liver, aiding digestion and helping to fight against cancer. Radishes are also good for the diet as they are very low in calories but high in fibre, making you feel full faster. They are full of vitamin C and so are their edible leave – just mix them with other green leaves for a tasty salad.

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When Kara Tointon Suffered Vitamin D Deficiency

Kara Tointon

Kara Tointon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A TV actress and dancing star was not immune from suffering from a deficiency in a vital vitamin. Kara Tointon suffered vitamin D deficiency due to long working hours during which she saw very little daylight.

The normally bouncy star found herself drained of energy. A heavy schedule running up to Christmas in 2011 was the cause of the problem. She was spending her time making a film as well as appearing in a West End production.

The long hours made her feel weak and tired – not at all her normal self. She thought she just needed a break and was unaware of the real cause of the problem.

She managed to get away for a holiday over Christmas, but while walking in the park she found she could barely put one foot in front of the other and kept having to sit down to rest.

Her friends became worried, thinking that she was suffering from anemia or even something worse. She returned home after the holiday and went straight to her doctor. The result of the blood test that he carried out showed that Kara was suffering from a deficiency of vitamin D. The test results indicated that her levels had hit rock bottom and the doctor thought it had probably happened because her work load meant that she had not been getting enough sunlight. Kara agreed that this was probably correct and the doctor told her that she needed a vitamin D supplement.

At the health food shop she found a vitamin D spray that you spray into your mouth once a day and it is quickly absorbed into the blood stream by the tongue. The doctor told her that it would take about three months before she began to feel the full benefit of the treatment. She agreed that it was amazing that a simple problem could have such a huge effect on her life. Maybe because she had had to take a supplement, she began to come across lots of information about vitamin D and lack of sunlight.

The experience has made Kara much more health conscious and is frequently at the health shop making sure she has the right supply of supplements to help her through her busy life and heavy work schedule.

She particularly likes to take a juice supplement which includes berries, fruit and vegetables in a powder form which she feels helps her energy levels. More recently she has discovered Quinoa a healthy form of protein; but she loves to search the shelves to find tasty foods that are also healthy.

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